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MDA Let's Play!


JeromeASF here - reaching out to invite the whole MDA community to an insanely awesome stream I am doing this Saturday!

Hopefully you already know me from my Minecraft videos on Youtube. Well, this Saturday I’m all about MDA! From 6:30 to 9:30 I'll be hosting a charity livestream, featuring some super special cameos from the MDA community, and all the proceeds will go to support MDA.

BUT this won't be just any Minecraft stream!  This Saturday the whole stream gets to join in the fun! Donate $5 and you spawn a bee on a random player! Donate $20 one of my buddies gets a random item in their inventory. Donate $500 - everyone’s inventory gets DELETED!

There’s no telling where the stream, or the audience is going to take us! Saturday is going to be Awesome!