Streaming for MDA

Since 1950, MDA has spearheaded efforts to transform the lives of people with muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related neuromuscular diseases by funding groundbreaking research for promising treatments and providing families with the highest quality care. You can be a part of those efforts by using MDA's Let’s Play Charity Fundraising extension. Your audience will be able to donate directly to your MDA page and see top donors on your channel.

Just getting started with streaming? Make sure you check out our Streaming FAQ page to learn more.

Get Started


We’ve assembled some best practices to help take your MDA stream to the next level.


Add Your Stream to Your MDA Fundraising Page

After signing up for MDA Let's Play, you'll be asked if you want to add a stream to your fundraising page. You'll need to sign in with your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube Live credentials to add your stream to your page. You can select if you want your stream to show automatically any time you broadcast, or if you want to manually control it. If you don't add your stream at this time, you can always add it later in the “Settings” tab on your fundraising page.

Get the Twitch Extension

If you've chosen to stream on Twitch, make sure you add the MDA Let's Play Charity Fundraising Twitch Extension to your Twitch channel. This allows Twitch viewers to donate towards your MDA fundraising total without ever leaving your stream. It also shows your top donors and your progress towards your fundraising goal.

Set up Streamlabs Alerts

By signing up for Streamlabs, you can set up alerts for donations and stream updates. You'll first need to link your Streamlabs account to MDA in the "Charity Streaming" field on the Streamlabs Integrations page. Look for "Muscular Dystrophy Association Let's Play"

Add in a Stream Overlay

MDA has created a custom overlay that automatically updates to show your fundraising progress, your top donations, as well as the MDA logo so everyone knows who you are raising funds for. You can add the MDA overlay to your stream by copying the link on your fundraising page and adding it your streaming account. The overlay will always display, unless the viewer is using a mobile device.

Check out the API

Want to build custom overlays? Alerts? How about your own dashboards? Check out DonorDrive's public API and start getting creative!

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